Thursday’s Mess-O-Links

Ahh the good ole days

Well this fantastically long week is finally coming to close. This weekend should be nice however, as we are going to use the event of having some Memphis friends over as an excuse to FINALLY get out to the rest of Los Angeles. Right now I’ve pretty just experience the awesomeness of LA downtown traffic. Here are the links:

  • The Lakers lost this year (HA!) so it seems that Ron Artest decided to go off his meds. Unfortunately he also seemed to have found his way into a courthouse as he has decided to file for a name change to “Metta World Peace”. Here’s to the days when I actually liked Mr. Artest.
  • A few days ago Scott Adams of Dilbert decided to share his dumbass opinions on rape on his personal blog (I’m not linking to his bullshit- he can get his own traffic). He then followed up this desperate attention grab for his irrelevant cartoon by challenging the various blog writers who called him an asshole to some sort of “debate” . Well it seems they took the bait to engage with this asshole in delving into addressing his misogynist sophist arguments designed to benefit a person who has not had an entertaining product since the new millennium.
  • In “news that only interest me and the other people who went to Senegal with me”, Abdoulaye Wade (the President of Senegal) has pissed off the country so bad that they are rioting all over Dakar. Basically he is trying to get his son to be accepted as the next leader, and the people want to avoid this happening;


Well I’m going out for a long delayed run. Have a great weekend!

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