Mess-O-Links: Winter Break Edition

This is what it looks like when Molly leaves me alone in the apartment

So apologies in advance for spamming your Facebook News Feed’s for the past semester. The combination of Law School and my incredible laziness forced me back into carelessly using the “share” button instead of doing as promised and containing my aggregation of links and other rants to this blog. In my defense I also lost the password to this site as my brain was full of awesome stuff like “what a SILA search is” or “what a 10b-5” action by the SEC entails. Nevertheless I’m back, so let me try again to restrain myself from overwhelming your feed with crap you could care less about.

  • Dahlia Lithwick over at Slate has been doing the lord’s work in translating the jackassery of American attitudes about the legal system into concise, intelligent, and utterly devastating dissections of the frankly hypocritical attacks from so-called “constitutionalists” on the 3rd branch. Today she takes on the doughy sociopathic id of the GOP that is Newt Gingrich and his latest troll move in advocating for the arrest of judges who render decisions that upset him. For anyone who did not sleep through Constitutional Law, or 11th grade Civics, this latest by product of Newt’s tourettes should really piss you off. Newt’s campaign is actually designed to capture media cycles in order to sell his new book, DVD, or pancake mix to people with cars that looks like this, and the media for some reason feels that their “objectivity” depends on not calling him a disgusting grifting demagogue and then ignoring him. DEMOCRACY IN ACTION!
  • Speaking of psychotic ideas that somewhat reasonable people might unfortunately fall into during these desperate times, here is another reminder from Digby that the unlicensed quack congressman (and terrible cook) known as Ron Paul is simply a re-hashed John Birch Society candidate with tech-savvy supporters. New rule for the new year: ignore anyone who uses the phrase “fiat currency” or “states rights” at a party- they are crazy.
  • I have often lamented to Molly my regrets over being a rather derivative and crappy writer. That said if I could be half the humorist and political writer that Charlie Pierce is, I could die a happy man. YOU NEED TO READ HIS BLOG NOW. Speaking of which, here he is making fun of Jeb Bush and the “zombie eyed granny starver” known as Paul Ryan.
  • On the subject of the psilocybin circus that is the GOP Presidential Primary, here is the New York Times digging into Mittens Romney’s retirement plan from Bain Capital, the “private equity firm” (aka corporate pirate raiders marauding for the pensions of workers to trickle down into their new pools) where Mitt the job creator got his weary start in the world. Needless to say he is rolling in money by firing as many people as possible in order to make businesses more efficient for the purpose of enriching Mitt Romney’s stock portfolio. Unfortunately if Mitt survives the primary it is doubtful that Obama will run ads as devastating as Ted Kennedy‘s, who understood how to treat assholes like Mitt.
  • It is Oscar season, and while most people are focusing on Meryl Streep possibly winning her 55th Oscar, I’m going to start campaigning for the people of North Korea for their epic masterpiece “weeping for Kim Jong-Il” who died of overwork and exhaustion (aka a Viagra and Hennesy induced heart attack with a Scandinavian hooker) this week, leaving his least incompetent son in charge of a nation of 23 million people and a stockpile of about six nuclear weapons.
  • Speaking of the terrible remnants of media cycles past, Sarah Palin must be broke (I saw “Going Rouge” in the discount bin at Ralph’s the other day) because she has let it leak that she might still run for President.
  • In the vein of ruining christmas, here is more proof that our “efficient” workplace of the future looks more like an 18th century factory of horrors than we would like to imagine. Basically when you order from Amazon or anywhere else on the web, you are contributing to the abuse of workers in a warehouse somewhere in the desperate plains of our former economic powerhouse. This is another reason why this article on the “expense” of local bookstores pissed me off. Again my libertarian friends, “expense” is flexible term, as the suffering of workers is one of those pesky externalities that SOMEONE is eventually going to have to endure when you operate on the cheap.
  • On the subject of narrow-minded stupidity, Poltifact is defending their jackass decision to call the Democrats accurately describing Paul Ryan’s plan as something that will “kill Medicare” as the “lie of the year”.  This is of course a farcical issue of semantics, but reading Steve Benen trashing Politifact is worth beating your head against the desk.
  • Given the fact that I cannot possibly write something that carefully calls Christopher Hitchens on his misogyny and undeserved arrogance, here is a Salon article that pretty much does the trick.
  • And finally some good news; the crazy Drug Court Judge Amanda Williams, who was the subject of a devastating This American Life show back in the summer has stepped down. Go listen to “Very Tough Love” and you will understand why the 5th and 6th Amendments are so important, and why the War on Drugs needs to end.

Have a great Tuesday! My goal for today is to do as much as possible in flannel pajamas.


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2 responses to “Mess-O-Links: Winter Break Edition

  • Ariel

    Dahlia Lithwick is awesome! She lives in Charlottesville and she recently came to speak at UVA about women in the judiciary, along with newly retired Judge Nancy Gertner (formerly of the federal district court in MA). Anything she writes is definitely worth reading. Stefan, I’m glad you’re out there keeping an eye on the people who are trying to pull the wool over our eyes – somebody has to be. And I’m glad you’re keeping the rest of us updated, even if we don’t always have time to read all the stuff that you read. Keep up the good work.

  • stefanbc

    Thanks Ariel!

    Dahlia Lithwick reminds me of the best Con Law professor ever; simple explanations about complex ideas.

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