The Most Repugnant Religious Extremists of 2012 (so far)

Bible study with Jules Winnfield is the best

So at the end of last year I assembled a list of the people I figured to be the most repugnant pieces of shit of 2011. I figure that it might be a good idea to take a look throughout this year some of the leading contenders who might qualify for this honor. I’m gonna start with naming those who are carrying the cross in the march towards fascism.

So far this has been a year where one political party has completely abandoned all pretense about maintaining a secular democracy. I feel that it is necessary to take a look at those individuals who are leading the effort to install an insane Christian theocracy over every segment of our society. The following people are the five most prominent figures in the movement against pluralism and tolerance. Each one of them is just as disgusting as Fred Phelps, and only somewhat more subtle in their hatred of progress.

5) Bill Donohue: Grand Inquisitor of the Catholic League

  • What’s helping his case: This blowhard is still the MSM’s main spokesperson for American Catholics. This is impressive given that Donohue needs to mainline about gallon of thorazine in order to stop talking to himself about penises long enough continue his bigot-grifting on tv.
  • What’s hurting his case: Taking on the Daily Show has proven to be Donohue’s Icarus moment as business people are actually starting to realize that he is in fact NOT the Pope or the consensus leader of any Catholic outside of his own head.

4) David Barton: The Dr. Nick Riviera of historians

Dresses like a Phelps, has the same ideology as a Phelps, but sounds much more pleasant when he speaks.

  • What’s helping: He’s the main speaker at an event in Statutory Hall where he proudly continued to lie about the secular ideals of the founding fathers in order to sell his new “book”. This is of course Barton’s main shtick, as he is the go-to pseudo historian for right wing jackasses who need some revisionist bullshit to justify whatever psychotic policy idea that they have come up with.
  • What’s hurting: He might want to stop saying that AIDS is gods punishment for homosexuality if he ever wants that cabinet position in the Romney administration.

3) Tony Perkins: Imperial Wizard of the Family Research Council

His smile is powered by thoughts of gay children committing suicide

  • What’s Helping: Perkins is having a banner year as the head of the Family Research Council as he pursued the heavy-handed and intrinsically evil Amendment 1 in North Carolina. At the same time Perkins appears frequently as a talking head on CNN without one person on that channel ever once pointing out the reprehensible irresponsibility in promoting his opinions to a wide audience. As a result of his free publicity and heavy dose of institutional support from inside the GOP, he is one of the most influential bigots in American political thought today.
  • What’s Hurting: There will be a day when the FRC’s is exposed for being this century’s version of the “White Citizens Councils” from the civil rights era.  Perkins and his group continue the tradition injecting extreme hatred into the national consciousness while maintaining standing dinner appointments with the Republican elite. Unfortunately as the FRC basically supplies the foot soldiers for the GOP’s get out the vote efforts these days, we are going to be forced to listen to this dude for a long time.

2) Bryan Fischer: Policy Director for the American Family Association/Angriest man in America since 2009

Fischer actually specifically requested that the boardwalk character artist sketch him like this.

1) Jerry Falwell’s Corpse

Google image search is the greatest invention ever


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