Lessons for California from the People’s Republic of Massachusetts

California is bringing some weak shit into the policy court

So California Uber Alles Governor Jerry Brown had the dubious honor last week of announcing that the state is projected to have a $16 Billion deficit. This number comes despite Brown’s across the board cost cutting and destruction of valuable public services. This sad fact of the modern California economy and state government will be used to justify increasingly savage cuts to the public welfare and will only aid the idiotic austerians who have been flooding my mailbox with their jackass campaign literature.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

The powerhouse that is California was built by progressive values and taxation. Our downfall and stumbles have come not as a result of liberal failures, but rather the targeted attack on democratic principles and fair economic practices. Efforts like the infamous Prop 13 did nothing but stifle public revenue and investment, making headlines like this inevitable.

It doesn’t fucking have to be this way.

The powers that be in my father’s home state of Massachusetts knows this. So when Romney starts talking about failed liberal values, kindly remind him (much like the Massachusetts state legislature once did) that forcing the job creator’s to pay back the state usually results in a pretty happy and wealthy community. Or in the words of this article (that needs to be stapled to Governor Moonbeam’s forehead;

“So, what of the charge that good outcomes result from high incomes? Lewis says “you might turn the question on its head” and ask, instead, why is Massachusetts so rich? “Massachusetts and others at top of the index tend to make significant public and private investments in the ingredients of well-being,” explains Lewis. Ultimately, these investments pay off both socially and economically. She points out that Maryland is third on Measure of America’s income index, but 33rd in life expectancy. Virginia comes in 6th on income (right behind Massachusetts), but 11th on education, and 25th on health.”

Also too, Beat LA.


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One response to “Lessons for California from the People’s Republic of Massachusetts

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