A Word On The “Trayvoning” Fad

This is why my kids are going to grow up Amish

So here I am enjoying doing nothing on the Facebook machine and Charles Blow from the NY Times has to go and fall for this trolling of the day from Sandra Rose (I dunno who she is either). Apparently some dumbass kids thought it would be hilarious to mock the death of Trayvon Martin by adopting the “planking” or “Tebowing” meme into some jackass form of topical humor. It’s offensive and stupid, but let’s remember put it into context before releasing the hive on whomever is behind this thing (if it even is a thing or just another Vodka tampon thing).

Below is a picture from a recent rally featuring Representative Michelle Bachmann. Notice the cracker in the front row wearing the subtle costume?

That dude right there is the problem. He’s a grown ass man and presumably a voter in whatever asshole of the country he is registered/institutionalized in right now. Resentment among stupid white men has been a problem for a few dozen decades in this country. The only thing that makes the effects of their undeserved sense of entitlement worse is when politicians not only fail to point out their epic stupidity, but instead choose to base wholesale policies on their unlimited jackassery.

So in short save your rage for those who are stupid enough to advocate for “Stand Your Ground” or the increased militerazation of our domestic police forces. Leave the dumbass kids on 4Chan to be punished by their shitty absentee parents. The real problem still resides with those with actual power to either prevent or encourage incidents like the one that killed Trayvon.


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2 responses to “A Word On The “Trayvoning” Fad

  • Trayvon | The Wretched of the Snark

    […] I could post one of the billion or so responses from the white nationalist sadists celebrating George Zimmerman’s acquittal like it’s wingnut Christmas, but frankly that’s just giving them more unnecessary exposure for their personality disorders. I could also put on my pseudo lawyer hat and explain how this was inevitable given the insanity of “Stand Your Ground” and feel very self-righteous in allowing my legal education to fulfill its purpose in overwhelming my common sense and morality. I could also put on my African-American Studies hat and give a cognizant and well thought out dissection of what “post racial” America really looks like in 2013, but Steve M. beat me to it. I could also express my disgust at my fellow online millennials for treating this incident with a level of cynicism and nihilism that I could not have imagined, but delving into that sewer once again is not worth anyone’s time. […]

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