Fox News Can Eat a Bag of Salted Dicks: Part 6729

From Media Matters: It seems that the people who write for Fox News Latino (which has to be the worst job ever) missed the memo about how to handle the big Obama immigration announcement from the fine semi-literate rednecks who run the main site.

But my personal favorite Fox News moment came yesterday when the brown haired guy who is not Steve Doocy started spouting so much sexist bullshit on air that Gretchen Carlson actually walked off the set.

She apparently said in response to Kilmeade’s frat boy antics “I need a shower”. We all do Gretchen. We have all collectively needed once since 1996 when this embarrassment to journalism started giving air time to the idiotssociopaths and war criminals that make up the propaganda arm of the GOP.



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