The Most Pointless Post On Jezebel I Have Ever Read

Jezebel’s comment section is apparently down today. As such A.J. Daulerio, the current Gawker editor and former editor of Gawker Media’s sports site Deadspin, wrote this dumbass troll bait article about how much he hates cats. My only guess as to what Jezebel was thinking in presenting this post was in infuriating the usually rather pugnacious animal lovers who comment on the site, only to have their outlet for shouting at the writer unavailable to them.

Hilarious right! Because people who are concerned with feminism are also jerky cat people. Stereotypes and meta humor are just the best- especially when your blog actually serves the purpose of informing people in an approachable and fearless manner.

I personally think that a talent like Daulerio, whose lack of a moral compass and nose for both cocaine and scandal is sorely needed in journalism, is also a rather boorish frat boy at heart. Needless to say perhaps restraining an individual like him to avenues of the web where dick picks for sports stars are valued instead of trying to start a pointless flame war with a devoted (and growing readership).

Or maybe I’m just mad because he wasted precious internet time for what could have been another awesome Lindy West post.


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