My Favorite Batshit-Insane Right Wing Responses To The Healthcare Decision

So I have never been so happy to be so wrong (other than the time I thought the Red Sox were going to get swept by the Yankees after game 3 of the ALCS). Nevertheless I gather there are many people out there today who are having themselves a sad about 30 million people having access to affordable healthcare. What we again learned today is that despair takes the form of hyperbolic amounts of rage from people on the right. Luckily for a shitty blogger like me, all of those people love them some Twitter (or are stupid enough to give their statements to the press). So in the spirit of spiking the football (even though the majority decision was conservative as FUCK), here are my personal favorite reactions to the decision.

Erick Erickson tries to start a holy war

Because this makes sense in every conceivable way. I spent the next few hours trolling him for similar dumbass comments and have now been blocked. Oh well.

The dumbass Dred Scott comparisons from the Brietbart folks

Dana also decided to engage with me in some dumbass debate equating ammo with healthcare (HILARIOUS!) but she appearently didn’t like this tweet too much in response to the Dred Scott reference:

Remember though, this sort of asshole comparison is not racist because people say mean things about Clarence Thomas.

The “lets link this up to another issue” attempt at humor

Oh Annie, it must be hard to support your diminishing relevance with such bullshit, particularly when Fortune destroyed the Fast and Furious conspiracy yesterday. Want to try again after the Xanax and Grey Goose wears off?

Bryan Fischer has a stroke while tweeting

Dear lord it’s like watching all the stages of grief all in one feed.


Mike Pence compares ruling to 9/11

Yes this actually happened. In all fairness however he said it behind closed doors, so at least we can’t make fun of him for being stupid enough to think that this is an acceptable form of discourse.


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