Ted Nugent Drops The Facade And Comes Out As A White Supremacist…Who Also Hates Obamacare

Ted Nugent, shitty guitarist and rock “legend” (and by that I mean he has one decent song that is forty years old) also happens to have opinions and stuff about the gubmint. As you might expect, his politics run the gamut from generic reactionary right wing chicken-hawkery to refined high-grade cracker fuel for his buddies to discuss at the local klavern. What you might not know is that ol’ Teddy shit-his pants to avoid the draft also happens to have him an outlet to voice these dumbass ideas that reaches more than his friends on Facebook (hi everybody!). No, instead the fine idiots at the Washington times gave Mr. statutory rape his own column, and boy is he steamed about the whole Obamacare decision. Let’s take a look at it:

Yogi Berra said that when you come to a fork in the road, take it. When supposed-conservative Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. came to a judicial conservative-liberal fork in the road, he veered left.

A JOKE! I love jokes. Perhaps Nugent has turned a leaf from his days of threatening to machine-gun public officials and is instead going to be a lighthearted P.J. O’Rourke-styled humorist.

With Chief Justice Roberts‘ vote to save Obamacare, I was reminded of what my dad told me more than 50 years ago: Never trust a man who wears a black robe. He might be naked under there.

Coming from someone whose tracked by Meghan’s law, this anecdote is a little creepy. I guess we’re done with the jokes.

Unlike other conservatives, I don’t care if his vote to save Obamacare turns into a cash cow for the Mitt Romney’s presidential political machine and galvanizes the GOP. There are some things more important than politics and elections. Striking down un-American, Constitution-violating Obamacare is one of them.

So far we are firmly inside of stupid redneck territory, but nothing to out of the ordinary just yet.

Had Chief Justice Roberts voted along with Justice Clarence Thomasand Justice Antonin Scalia like everyone expected, Obamacare would have been struck down by the Supreme Court. That would have put even more wind in the sails of the Romney campaign.

Or the 30 million people who would remain otherwise uninsured might be a little pissed off about that. Or all the young voters who now allowed to be discriminated against due to their pre-existing conditions might be enthused to vote against the GOP. Or women would continue to abandon the party that literally wants them to die rather than receiving family planning assistance. But besides those minor hiccups that’s some fine prognosticatin’ there chief.

The bottom line is that Chief Justice Roberts‘ traitor vote will ensure more monumental spending and wasted taxes and put almost 15 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP) under one of the world’s most bureaucratic, ineffective, incompetent and grossly expensive systems ever devised by man: our out-of- control federal government.

Actually the number is closer to 20% percent and the law as it is designs lacks a public option and instead leaves most of the insuring to the incompetent and bureaucratic private insurers; just like the conservative Heritage Foundation designed it.

Chief Justice Roberts squandered the opportunity to restore judicial, financial and legislative sanity to a government that by any sane person’s standards is insane and addicted to centralized federal control of our lives.

And he instead chose to murder the progressive interpretation of the commerce clause. If you and your buddies would pull your head out of your ass you might realize that.

Because our legislative, judicial and executive branches of government hold the 10th Amendment in contempt, I’m beginning to wonder if it would have been best had the South won the Civil War. Our Founding Fathers’ concept of limited government is dead.

HOLY FUCKING SHIT HE WENT THERE. Nugent had us merrily going about on a journey through angry white man valley and we have ended up in the middle of the Michigan Militia. Now let’s go over our meth-head cousin in the Constitution, the 10th Amendment. This dumbass idea that the 10th acts as some sort counterbalance against Federal power was developed recently as a way to restrict the power of the 14th Amendment; i.e. the one that finally applied the rest of the Bill of Rights (including the 10th) to the states. Since that time the main way that the 10th has been used by the courts has been to murder civil rights legislation and reconstruction efforts, and to decrease tort liability for states protecting their employees when they violate someone’s federally guaranteed rights to due process and equal protection. The 10th Amendment is a safeguard for nobody other than cheapskate asshole state governors and racist psychopaths who want to continue to enforce a de jure race-based hierarchy in this country. In other words, Ted Nugent fans love them some 10th Amendment like they love them a lynching in the town square.

Because of the chief justice’s vote, Fedzilla just burped and is now prepared to gobble up even more of our tax dollars, more of our GDP and limit even more opportunity in the private sector.

You are a fucking moron, but don’t let me tell you that. Instead here are some libertarian jackasses to explain to you how wrong you are.

Chief Justice Roberts‘ opinion was that Obamacare was a tax, not a mandate under the Commerce Clause to purchase a product, and that Congress can levy any tax it wants.

Congress can levy any tax it wants. Welcome to ‘Merica.

As I recall, the president and the government’s very own attorney who argued the case before the Supreme Court said that Obamacare was not a tax. Fascinating, Mr. Chief Justice, that you legislated from the bench that Obamacare is a tax.

“With respect to the question of characterization this is in the Internal Revenue Code, it is administered by the IRS; it is paid on your Form 1040 on April 15th.”- Solicitor General Verrilli to Justice Scalia 3/27/2012.

Following the chief justice’s logic, our professional political punks in Washington can mandate any tax-penalty they choose. For example, if you don’t buy an Obama-approved green energy automobile, our Fedzillacrats could tax us for refusing to do so. That’s the essence of this ruling.

“Fedzillacrats”. Wow that is so creative and not at all the consistent with the diction and syntax of a petulant fourth grader. Now I understand how someone like you could develop the intricate lyrics to songs like “Wango Tango” and then go on to a successful career in political punditry. This says so much about the judgement of your editors at the Washington Times.

Obamacare will now join Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid as another unaffordable, unsustainable, runaway, unaccountable social program.

Yup. There are those programs that will help keep you from dying in the streets in case your current gig feeding the oversized egos of entitled white men dries and you go bankrupt again.

Our entitlement programs have bankrupted America. We have dug a financial crater so deep that many doubt we can ever climb out. With his vote, Chief Justice Roberts didn’t give Fedzilla an even bigger shovel, he gave Fedzilla an earth mover with which to dig bigger financial holes.

GOSH METAPHORS ARE HARD. Too bad the Washington Times is too broke to afford a decent editorial staff and had to instead farm out their opinion writing to the criminally insane.

Quite possibly, with his vote, Chief Justice Roberts just engineered the ultimate demise of this great experiment in self- government. If you think we are skating on financial thin ice now, just wait until 2014 when the full financial tsunami of Obamacare comes crashing down.

Fun fact, with global warming (something else that Nugent doesn’t believes is a thing ’cause the Glenn Beck said so) accelerating in the way that it is real tusnamis should be pretty awesome by 2014. Fortunately Obamacare will help with health related costs of those disasters.

The president should have Chief Justice Roberts over for dinner, give him a ride on Air Force One and apologize for not voting for him during his confirmation hearings. It’s the least the community-organizer- in-chief can do for the turncoat chief justice who saved the president’s socialist health care program.

Limited government is dead. The smothering era of socialism is here.

I have looked forward to the day when Ted Nugent is gored by a bison or attacked by a mountain lion for a long time. Now I want it to happen so that he will end up in a hospital and might actually understand what the fuck he is talking about when he writes shit like this about “socialist health care”. Until that day we’ll just have to put up with this jackassery thinly disused as an editorial. Of course it could be worse- he could release another album.


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