It’s Never About Race: Russell Pearce Edition

Queue the “womp-womp” noise

Lost among the craziness regarding the tragedy in Colorado was this gem in the news courtesy of an Arizona Republic public records request and the ACLU. Turns out that Russell Pearce, mentor to Neo-Nazi mass-murders and ousted President of the Arizona State Senate, might (SURPRISE) happen to be a huge racist dickbag. While those who have been following the prolific career of this dude probably find this revelation to be the least obvious thing ever, it actually has some serious policy implications- which only make this story more hilarious.

What is left of the famous “Papers Please” law (after SCOTUS nuked most of it last month), which Pearce pushed into law in 2010 might now be completely obliterated. Why? Because the emails that the Arizona Republic obtained from Pearce are so transparently racist that there now exists definitive proof that the profiling section of the law was designed with an illegal racial intent. Proving this sort of intent is insanely tough to do thanks to the Supreme Court (cough cough Rehnquist and Scalia), but now the ACLU has the Ammo it needs to destroy SB 1070.

So I guess we owe Mr. Pearce a thank you, for being so prolifically stupid and obvious that he effectively destroyed the dumbass facade of “it’s not about race” for one of the more horrible ideas that Kris Kobach and company ever had.

Oh and the emails are fucking amazing. My favorite like is this one titled ““What’s a racist?”

“I’m a racist because I dislike having to push one for English and/or listening to a message in Spanish.”

A: Yes.


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