Fox News Can Eat a Bag of Salted Dicks: Part 7921

From Maddow Blog:

Be proud of yourselves now guys- history is going to be a bitch

Sorry for providing even more attention to Mike Huckabee’s thinly disguised plan to hide his binge eating with homophobia, but this most recent graphic from the online version of GOP Pravda needs to be exposed if only to laugh at it.

Will these undeserved feelings of victimization within the supposedly self-assured conservative masses of this country ever subside? What was the author of this post thinking when barfed out the term “heterophobic” on to the screen? Are we supposed to take this seriously? Or is this some sort of Andy Kaufmanesque prank on sensitive liberals who are concerned that our fast food money was being used to lobby Congress to ignore Uganda’s legalization for murdering homosexuals?

If history is any indication, we already know how this will play out. Years from now a grandchild from one these idiots will be getting married to their same sex partner in Mississippi surrounded by all of their loving friends and family. At the reception old fucks in this picture will be quietly seated at the back corner of the VFW Hall away from people enjoying the cake and free booze. The cantankerous crusty bigots will then grumble silently to each other about the good ol’ days in the aughts when the “fags knew their place” or risked being tied to a fence post and beaten to death. Everyone else will ignore those bastards for being horrible ignorant pieces of shit. Adam and Steve will then go on enjoy their new family home in Oxford next to the nice coffee shop that was built on top of the Chick-Fil-A that ran out of business in 2020.

Until that day, we should just let these guys take as many pictures as they want. Our future textbooks need graphics demonstrating their idiocy:

Don’t see many Woolworth’s these days do you?


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