Because You Need To Laugh, Here Is Some Dumb Bigot Almost Setting Himself On Fire

Apparently protesting the grave homosexual threat these days means going after the makers of sugared breakfast cereal. That or the dumbass uncles of America have really slagged off in their shop classes, because I’m pretty sure that holding something that you plan on setting on fire with a torch is something on the “do not do” list.

Nevertheless, it’s good to see god (and/or Count Chocula) taking out some karmic revenge on some chubby dipshit and his drunken idea to make a bad “Jackass” homage to his curious obsession with the gays. Also too, I now know that General Mills supports gay rights in ways that go beyond throwing rainbows in Lucky Charms, so I guess I’ll be buying more stuff from them.

Thanks anonymous youtube moron!



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