Supporters Of Gary Delong Tell A Scary Story About His Values

I’ve devoted a few articles detailing our friend congressional candidate Gary Delong’s resistance to taking a position on any particular issue concerning voters in this upcoming election. We know that he hates the deficit and likes braying about small government, but the “priorities” listed on his website lack any real substance. Frankly they are so meaningless that  I hope that he did not write them. If those lame “position points” are not the work of some poor overworked undergraduate intern than he is even worse than I thought.

Interestingly while Delong has a long standing apprehension towards discussing politics, his website does feature a variety of endorsements. It is fair therefore, to examine the people featured in these publicized endorsements and their records on the issues facing Long Beach. Let’s see what sort of people think that Gary Delong would be just great for Long Beach

Pete Wilson

Delong is either hoping to attract some 1990’s nostalgia by promoting this endorsement, or forgot to Google him. Because there is no other possible reason for a serious politician to ever associate with Pete Wilson. This is a man who became Governor by running on a platform of pure white resentment and racism. He made the state famous for the nation’s first “papers please” law, the now notorious (and thankfully failed) Proposition 187. This repugnant law made international headlines by joyfully restricted things like emergency healthcare to people who were not legal residents of this country, and was eventually struck down as being unconstitutional.

So why does Delong want to be associated with this guy? Well Delong’s own views on immigration are pretty retrograde, but I like to think that Wilson sees a little bit of himself in Delong:

But to term his recent switches “flips,” as some of Wilson’s former opponents have, is to miss a central point: Wilson never had a core belief to have flipped from. Wilson is chameleon man, a human lizard clinging to the nation’s Pacific wall.

Darrel Issa

You probably know Congressman Issa from his role as the Chairmen of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. This position provides Issa with the power to investigate allegations of misconduct by government officials, which is ironic given that he has a bit of a criminal history himself:

1982: Issa Suspected, But Never Charged, In Arson Incident At Manufacturing Plant. According to the Los Angeles Times: “A suspected arson fire ripped through [Issa’s Ohio] manufacturing plant in 1982. No one was ever charged in the fire, but authorities were troubled by a dramatic escalation in the facility’s fire insurance just weeks earlier. Even before the blaze was put out, investigators began peppering Issa and his partner with ‘crazy questions’ regarding their whereabouts before the fire, Issa recalled.” [Los Angeles Times, 5/23/98, via Nexis, emphasis added]

Former AC Custom Executive Claimed Issa Intimidated Him With A Gun. According to the Los Angeles Times: “One of Issa’s first tasks as the new boss [of AC Custom] was to remove an executive named Jack Frantz. According to Frantz, Issa came into his office, placed a small box on the desk and opened it. Inside, he said, was a gun.” [Los Angeles Times, 5/23/98, via Nexis]

Issa Was Convicted Of “Possession Of An Unregistered Handgun,” Paid Fine, And Served Probation.According to the San Francisco Chronicle: “[W]hen Issa was attending college in Michigan, was fined $100 and put on three months’ probation after being arrested for possession of an unregistered handgun, Michigan court records show.” [San Francisco Chronicle7/2/03]

More recently Issa has moved on from being a petty criminal and instead has just been wasting taxpayer money on a series of partisan witch hunts. He famously brought together a diverse panel of people to discuss the “evils” of subsidized birth control, none of whom happened to be women.

He thoughtfully assembled a diverse group of men who don’t necessarily have any real, fact-based reason to oppose birth control except for the fact that it made them feel icky. Invited to testify were five men. And no women.

When that effort to use congressional investigative resources to publicize the Republican platform blew up in his face, Issa then decided to go full wingunt and look into the imaginary conspiracy behind Solyndra. However as no one besides Glenn Beck listeners seem to care about this story, it also managed to turn into an embarrassment for Issa. In response Issa then pursued the “Fast and Furious” scandal this summer, and even lead the charge to have Attorney General Eric Holder put in contempt. However this too turned out to be a disaster for Issa when Forbes published a long article detailing the insane partisan hackery fueling the sham investigation.

Issa is a sad joke as a policy maker whose supposed qualifications for his office stem solely from his personal wealth. Sound familiar?

Dana Rohrabacher

When Jack Abramoff was arrested for turning our democracy into a system of organized bribery, he knew that his good friend Dana Rohrabacher would support him. Rorhrabacher’s influence in Washington grew while Abramoff was busy building the “pay for play” infrastructure in K -Street, but they also shared other interests. Both Abramoff and Rohrabacher wanted to produce really lame action movies, and they both really hated those damn communists. Rohrabacher however took this hatred a little bit to the extreme, as he started lobbying for the Taliban in the 1990’s:

“On April 11, 2001, Rohrabacher traveled with [Khaled] Saffuri and others from Washington, D.C. to meet in Qatar with Taliban leader Mullah Wakil Ahmed Muttawakil. The regime that was protecting bin Laden from U.S. intelligence operations wanted Rohrabacher to help increase U.S. aid to it, at the time already more than $100 million annually. Rohrabacher emerged from those meetings to tell Middle East news media that the meeting had been “frank and open” and that the Taliban leaders were “thoughtful and inquisitive” as well as “flexible.”  

These days no one (except maybe Gary Delong) is stupid enough to trust the opinion of Rohrabacher on anything in Washington. Rohrabacher uses his office mainly to raise political contributions that he diverts to his wife’s bank account, and to make asinine comments regarding global warming. He is a true testament to the resilience of American stupidity, and he is a proud supporter of Gary Delong.

Pete Sessions

Congressman Sessions is from Texas, which makes his involvement in a California election rather strange unless you take into account the various energy companies in Signal Hill that would like a friendly Republican inside of congress. Sessions himself is another former buddy of Jack Abramoff whose problems with ethics were so bad that even the ethically dubious John Boehner had to have an “intervention” with the man in 2010. Perhaps Sessions literally proclaiming his love for Ponzi schemer Allen Staford is what crossed the line.

Beyond his inability to say “no” to people with money asking for favors, Sessions is your standard insane tea party congressman. He is a global warming denier, voted against laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, and has a 0% rating from NARAL. For someone hoping to be seen as a “moderate” Delong sure loves his teabagger friends.

Ed Royce

Royce is a ten term congressman who knows what he likes. He loves his Wall Street financiers, who have showered him with over $1.3 million in campaign donations. However Royce is also clear about the people he is not so fond of, mainly Muslims, Immigrants, or anybody who does not share his same cultural background. The company Royce keeps regarding the latter issue is more than a bit disturbing:

Royce has made a name for himself in the last two decades as one of Congress’ most reliable anti-immigrant votes, right up there with the vicious freakshow led by racist hatemongers like Steve King (R-IA), Michele Bachmann (R-MN), Mike Coffman (R-CO) and Brian Bilbray (R-CA). In fact, he was ranked a top ten legislator by NumbersUSA, a rabidly anti-immigrant Hate Group that wants to bring immigration levels down to pre-1965 levels.

Royce’s commitment to opposing “multiculturalism” included him speaking at an event in Orange County protesting a Muslin fundraiser. The participants of the rally engaged in hate speech so vile that it gained national attention. As Greg Diamond put it, Royce is not a racist, but he does want the racist vote.

It usually not completely fair to judge a man by his supporters, but this list was assembled from one featured on Delong’s own website. As a candidate for Congress Delong has skillfully avoided controversies regarding any of his own beliefs, but the beliefs and actions of his high profile supporters consistently represent the most conservative and ethically dubious aspects of the American political system. Gary Delong might be unwilling to directly speak about how he would use his political power as a Congressman, but if he plans on acting anything like these supporters, the residents of the 47th district have to be concerned at this point.


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