How Could Latino Voters Prefer Obama Over Romney By 35 Points?

News like this is probably not welcome in swing states like Colorado:

Nearly 65 percent of Latino voters polled in an NBC/Wall Street Journal/Telemundo survey released Wednesday said they plan to back Obama in November compared to about 30 percent who intend to vote for Romney.

Obama, who won the vast majority of Latino voters in 2008, has possessed a substantial lead with Hispanic voters since the Spring, when Romney emerged as the presumptive GOP nominee. Spanish-language ads questioning the way that Obama has managed the economy; others featuring Romney’s Spanish-language-fluent son Craig Romney, the senior Romney’s business experience and family life have not proven effective in pulling Latino voters into the Romney camp, polls indicate.

Wait, you mean shoving the Tito Jackson of the Romney clan to patronize to viewers of spanish language television has not swayed any of those voters into voting Republican? I am fucking shocked.

As the article points out, this job of wooing latino voters would not be so godamned hard (particularly given the Obama administration’s love of deporting folks) if the Republican’s had not decided to be 21st century Know-Nothing Party. It was not too long ago that George Bush was able to capture almost 50% of the latino voter refusing to talk about the immigration issue much and by recording his OWN spanish language commercial. Romney on the other hand, has been busy endorsing the ethnic cleansing ideas proposed by assholes like Kris Kobach in between his usual stump speech regarding how he plans to shred the publicly accessible forms of opportunity that allowed previous groups of immigrants to live the American Dream.

So what is the Romney campaign doing to turn the tide against this trend that could easily doom them come November? Well this is probably not a good start:

Joe Arpaio is headed to Tampa to hang out with elephants, both figuratively and literally.

Arizona’s Maricopa County sheriff, a leading proponent of strict immigration laws, is slated to address GOP delegates during the Republican National Convention — but not at the convention itself. Instead, his Aug. 30 gig will take place near an elephant enclosure at the Lowry Park Zoo, according to a statement by the Arizona GOP.

“He’s wildly popular not just in Maricopa County but throughout the state and the country,” Arizona GOP Chairman Tom Morrissey said in a statement. “He’s done a lot of for the Republican Party already and we’re overjoyed that as always he is willing to join us as we visit some of our ‘fellow elephants’ while in Tampa.”

The circus continues.


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