Party It Up GOP, Because You Are Done After This

The increasing irrelevance of this Grand Old Party cannot be stressed enough. The demographics trends facing the Republicans demonstrate an inescapable political reality that should send shivers up the spine of every conservative. The long time strategy of dividing the fragile Democratic coalition while relying on a united base of angry, reactionary, and (with out a doubt) white  voters is coming to a close. The modern Republican party exists today as little more than a country club of elite influence whose power is maintained by an increasingly uncontrollable, yet dwindling army of religious fanatics. This convention, with its vile displays of hate and vitriol supported by vulgar amounts of ill-gotten profits from the robber barons who under write the party (and who will always see democracy as a necessary evil), is the last dance for this failed political ethos. When your party’s standard bearers alternate between sounding like commenters on a message board and the most comically clueless aristocrats in a bad 1930’s comedy, your future is quite dim.

Make no mistake, “conservatives” as they insist on calling themselves (because “neo-fascistic hate-mongers” did not poll well) are still extremely dangerous as a group. They have demonstrated in the last four years that they are willing to obstruct all legitimate forms of democratic consensus while ruining the livelihoods of millions of people in order to preserve what little power they can muster from utilizing the politics of resentment and hate. This election is important for a variety of reasons, both known and unknown at this moment. However the balance of power within the Supreme Court and the rest of the Judiciary probably matter more than anything, especially given the sheer volume of freedoms and privileges that the Republican party decided to attack in their desperate bonzai charge after the 2008 election. As such it is our duty, as sentient people of all political persuasions, to prevent the hostile takeover of the government by the vulture capitalists who want to privatize and profit off of our public communities, and who are more than comfortable with allowing their fanatical allies to dictate every decision that we make concerning our personal lives.

The decline of liberalism after the outstanding successes of the 20th century happened for a variety of reasons, but complacency and arrogance (along with the ever-present issues regarding race) obviously played a major part. The spoiled children of the post-war generation refused to support the poor, discounted the importance of the public sector, and instead consciously elected to gamble away all forms of social insurance by electing charming fools like Reagan and Bush, as well as sell outs like Clinton. Hard fought for personal freedoms regarding the right to privacy, both in terms of searches by the government and the ability to regulate one’s own sexual health, were all leveraged in the vain hopes that appeasing the ever-present fanatics who disguise their sadism through rhetoric expounding “homeland security” and “religious freedom”. However in today’s political realm, all previous forms of subtlety are gone, and those same zealots now feel free to speak their minds without any discernible filter. The rhetoric of conservative politicians, as well as their actions within the state and federal governments in which they serve, all show how serious they are to implement their insane agenda, and for once our side is united (and growing) in the hopes of preventing their desires from becoming a reality.

However just waiting for the conservative self-inflicted wounds to fester into an inevitable and transcendent failure is no longer an acceptable pathway towards power. Liberals must take advantage of the sheer desperation that defines the other side by offering our “compromise” to the American people. If we truly believe in our own ethos, than providing an unvarnished and unrepentant party platform of our own is not only politically honest, it is necessary.

When they attack our teachers and our public education system, let’s discuss tax policy and how it effects the dwindling funds that are made available to our devoted educators. Let’s discuss how parents are barely able to provide the other essentials for their children’s future because of stagnant wages and a purposefully rigged system of gambling that suffices for a retirement plan in this country. Let’s talk about the billions that have been wasted on failed wars (including our domestic drug war) instead on rebuilding a system of education and infrastructure that made us a dominant superpower in the 20th century.

On the subject of public assistance, let’s first point out the race-based dog whistling regarding this issue, and then refuse to further this war against the poor that we have been fooled into fighting. The voice of the poor is one that has had literally no place in the halls of power for a generation now, and it needs to end. Given the increasing numbers of American’s who have slipped into the horrors of extreme poverty, being an advocate for the disadvantaged at this point in history might finally overcome the American “Horatio Alger” fantasy and result in consistent political victories.

For every talking point they have, we need to answer with a response that is so pointed and angry that our passion alone knocks them on their asses and leaves them gasping for air. The American people need to not only be provided with a real choice, rather than just a party that is “less bad”, they need a true defender for their reasonable request that their elected government exist as a positive force in their life. The Republicans are on the brink of being ignored by an entire generation, and they are silly enough to mortgage that future in the hopes that the likes of Mitt Romney can forestall this inevitability for another four years. This is our time to go on the offensive. This is the time to end their horrible era of influence. This is the time to take a risk and support our own policies and reputation. The era of a Republican Party that matters has passed.


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