In The Debate, Delong Balances Inanity With Mendacity

Last night here in Long Beach the Alamitos Beach Neighborhood Association hosted a debate for the District 47 Congressional race between the Republican candidate, Councilman Gary Delong, and State Senator Alan Lowenthal. The current coverage from the local press is unsurprisingly pithy and terrible, as they focused on the fleeting buzzwords from the candidates instead of the substance of their actual answers (Delong actually tried calling himself a MAVERICK! despite that joke being old and sad in 2008). In the case of Gary Delong, running on meaningless colloquialisms seem to be his only campaign strategy at this point.

For simplicity’s sake, I’ve divided the main takeaways from the event for those who were not in attendance into a few main points. If you are relying on the Press-Telegram or any other local paper to provide anything resembling analysis on the debate, good luck. At this point I’m sure that the reporters covering this race are tired of Delong stealing his stump speech from Hallmark cards, so trying to report on anything that is not inherently inane is obvious a bit difficult.

Luckily I’m here to help.

1) Delong Has No Idea What The Ryan Budget Does

The most amazing exchange that happened last night came when Senator Lowenthal started listing the specific aspects of the legitimately scary Ryan Budget of Doom®. After the Senator was finished describing the dystopian hell scape that would result from the passage of this awful plan, ‘Ol Maverickey Gary Delong stood up let loose a blithering stream of ineptitude all over the audience.

Delong began his answer by lying about the budget forcing poor and middle class to pay more than millionaires like him and Romney in taxes. The audience was a tad perplexed by this outright falsity, so Delong started to ramble on about how the budget failed to pass congress because “it is not a bipartisan bill”.

“Not bipartisan” is one way to put it, but in reality the main reason that people are generally displeased with plan because it is an outright fraud, based on a failed economic policy, wrapped in a blanket of outright hatred for people who are not millionaires. For some context, here are just some of the various horrible things that caused sentient people to reject this neo-Eugenic manifesto:

The lack of a bipartisan consensus around something that has been described as “ludicrous and cruel”, “fraudulent”, and “pure Social Darwinism” should be seen as a good thing- as it demonstrates that at least one party in Washington has not completely lost its mind.

2) Delong’s Environmental Record Is So Bad That He Has To Steal Credit From His Opponent’s Work

A few of the debate questions asked about the candidate’s desire to preserve the environment while keeping the economy strong. Senator Lowethnal’s provided the audience with a long list of accomplishments regarding his work in balancing the needs of the business world with the environment. Lowenthal demonstrated both his commitment to maintaining a healthy community and ecosystem, as well as his own political expertise (and bravery) in fostering a working relationship with interests that initially opposed these efforts.

Delong’s response on the other hand, if he was honest, should have been limited to “I made Von’s only give out paper bags”. Given that this the Councilman’s sole achievement on this issue, he should have stopped there. Instead Delong rambled on about his use of solar panels and how he personally saved the Colorado Lagoon from being, to quote the councilman: a “polio bed” (which would be amazing given that polio was eradicated from this country a few generations ago)

Unfortunately for Mr. Delong, taking credit for this “accomplishment” requires a particularly nasty for of lying. With the Lagoon, it was actually Lowenthal himself who personally spearheaded the effort to prevent the county from turning that area into a literal open sewer and has since worked to secure the necessary grants that the city needed to maintain that area. Delong just happens to be the councilman in the district where the Lagoon happens to be, so saying that “he built that” is pretty dishonest and awful to say the least.

3) Why Is Delong Bragging About Firing Public Employees When Our Police Department Is Desperate For Help?

Delong’s oft-repeated clap trap about making government “more efficient” is reflected in our city’s decision to slash public spending and eliminate the jobs necessary to provide proper services to our residents. Instead of avoid questions that might expose the fact that their have been several instances of hate crimes in the area directed against members of the gay community within the last year, Delong actually too pride in reducing the city payroll by 20%. So the next time that your car get’s broken into our your buddy gets his ass kicked after leaving the Brit and there are no police around to help you in their time of need, remember Gary Delong’s genius brand of management.

4) Delong Is Against Outside Groups Funding Local Elections, Unless It Benefits Him

The question regarding corporate personhood was amazing. Again Senator Lowethal consistently hammered home the point that the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision was anti-democratic and went against a century of progressive legislation meant to curb the corrupting influence of money in politics. Delong on the other hand started to cough up some platitudes regarding his independence, but then he decided to equate Union political advocacy with that of corporate-funded bribery. I guess that Delong never saw this chart from the

Delong then decided to make things personal, by endorsing a plan whereby only Long Beach residents would be allowed to donate to his campaign. This is a very brave stance to take, particularly as Delong himself has taken oodles of campaign donations from the likes of John Boehner, Eric Cantor, and Paul Ryan and other prominent Republicans in this quixotic attempt to buy a seat into Congress. My only guess as to how Delong screwed this up is that he has not quite mastered “the Google”

If you were looking for a more specific, or at least coherent Gary Delong last night you were probably left pretty disappointed. On the other hand, the other guy in the race is looking pretty damn convincing that someone running for office actually cares about the interests of the poor and middle class. Remember this when early voting starts.


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10 responses to “In The Debate, Delong Balances Inanity With Mendacity

  • jeff

    Please post video of Lowenthal admitting he doesn’t understand the Voelcker rule. Thanks.

  • Elizabeth Thomas

    Wow, such a hateful post. You really know how promote your class-warfare that no one really wants, it’s just a way to deflect from the obvious. Cuts across the board are necessary, we don’t have the money, period!

    • stefanbc

      This is by far the most nonsensical argument that has ever been made in the defense of a Republican- and I am glad that you made it. Let me address just how misguided you are in bullet points.

      1) Hateful? Look I am by no means above using nasty language and borderline defamatory accusations to get my point across, but no reasonable person could possibly view this post as one chock full of vitriol without substance. Unlike Delong I like to include facts and evidence when making a claim.

      2) You are damn right I am promoting class warfare- only in my case I would call it “class self-defense”. The current economic policy of the Republican party is one that rejects any idea of progressive taxation. Instead their party seeks to allow the the richest .01% of this country live free of any form of social responsibility while being subsidized by everyone else.

      3) This idea that we “need” across the board cuts is simply poppycock that the wealthy sociopaths who designed the GOP platform want you to believe in order to further erode the already meager social safety net and entitlement system that we have in this country. They want nothing more than to live in a place where we are solely dependent on them and their meager allowance, so they defame the system in which you- the citizen- have an opportunity to change things. Congrats on buying into their insanity.

  • Elizabeth Thomas

    I noticed you have not published my response. With some important facts. Interesting….

  • Gary Delong And The Dangers Of Electing “Moderate” Poseurs « The Wretched of the Snark

    […] who seeks “bipartisanship” by repeating a series of meaningless rhetorical phrases that the local press then prints without any sort of critical analysis. This sort of practice is seductively dangerous for people who might by sympathetic to the idea that […]

  • Elizabeth Thomas

    The “rich” (over $200,000) pay over 47% of taxes and are only 3% of the population. What’s so unfair about that? No one wants to hurt the poor, we simply need to make sure the money is spent on food, shelter, clothing and not viagra, birth control, sex changes, abortion, cigarettes, lottery tickets and booze…. Those are personal lifestyle choices that I don’t want my tax money used for. Someone has to make the hard choices and not be beholden to unions and special interest groups. My previous submission – that did not get published – was far longer and with more statistics….

    • stefanbc

      Your submission never made it to me, otherwise I would have published it, because if it is anything as hilarious as the above miasma of bullshit than I would more than have loved to see it. Judging from what you have already said, I’m guessing that it too was chock full of refried sludge from Rush Limbaugh and would make a wonderful addition to the wall of shame that for the conservative comments that appear here.

  • Elizabeth Thomas

    I am not a fan of Rush Limbaugh. I just want to see government be accountable and work to support infrastructure, defense, and the common good. I want it to stay out of my womb, my soul, my house, my business, and my personal preferences. I’ll take care of myself, family, and contribute gladly to help those in need. Government run programs are wasteful, full of graft, and operated by power-grabbing self-interested persons who have lost all concept of public service: nonprofit private organizations do it much better

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