Long Beach Press Telegram Deletes A Poll After Their Preferred Candidate Gets Trounced In It

Have you ever participated in one of those lame “polls” on the web? They are the kind that record your IP address, but do not require you to register or provide any sort of personal information. Furthermore they are open to the entire public on the web, so there are no controls to limit the sample size or double-voting (HERE’S YOUR VOTER FRAUD AMERICA). Needless to say these are the kind of “unscientific” polls that really just reflect the opinions of the people who visit the site and want to click on something. They are essentially pointless for any judge of public opinion outside of which NFL team ESPN viewers think is truly “America’s Team” (answer: The Jaguars).

Well our local newspaper here in Long Beach, the Press Telegram, decided to break from their usually more subtle ass-kissing of Republican Congressional Candidate  Gary Delong by offering one of these aforementioned polls for their readers to click. Unfortunately for the hacks over at the PT, the guy they endorsed started to lose, and lose very badly as the day passed by. Here’s a screenshot of Delong losing at 1pm on 9/16:

Boy that doesn’t look good for Delong. Did he recover in time for a respectable showing when the poll results were published the next day? Well let’s see:

And it’s gone. Seems like the PT laid waste to the entire poll when their very Maverick-ery candidate started to lose by 50 or so points. Kind of lame even for a newspaper that admitted to just re-publishing Delong’s white paper on gay marriage and abortion without asking him a single question about his position.

I guess that the forth estate in Long Beach apparently is in foreclosure.


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5 responses to “Long Beach Press Telegram Deletes A Poll After Their Preferred Candidate Gets Trounced In It

  • Lloyd Lofthouse

    Next time a pole shows results such as this, you may want to consider taking a screen shot of it and then reposting it after the paper takes it down.

    I wonder if Murdock’s media empire does stuff like this too.

    • stefanbc

      Well the usual practice for any news agency is to make a poll that is either a) dealing with a subject that is not controversial, or b) going to produce a result that you agree with. Both News Corp, Time Warner, and Comcast/Universal all do stuff like this on TV all the time. It is just rare to see one pulled in a local newspaper.

  • Lloyd Lofthouse

    I traced the Long Beach paper to the Los Angeles News Group and then this led to the Media News Group to discover that the paper in Long Beach belongs to the second largest newspaper company by circulation in the United States.

    Media News Group has 57 daily newspapers in 11 states and more than 90 other published products that reaches an audience of over 18 million people.

    They spell it as “MediaNews Group” without a space between Media and News. In addition, MediaNews Group publishes more than 200 niche magazine with distribution to more than 7 million people.

    MediaNews Group provides programming and operational services for TV and radio stations licensed to the Affiliated Media, Inc. FCC Trust.


    I didn’t attempt to delve deep enough into the Media News Group to discover the politics of the people at the top that run this media empire but most corporations this big are controlled by wealthy people that usually lean to the right toward conservatism.

    I wonder if any of those radio stations broadcase talk shows such as Rush Limbaugh.

  • Lloyd Lofthouse

    Here’s a link to info about the CEO of the MediaNews Group. His name is John Paton. He became CEO in September 2011. New management often means things change from the top down in corporate America.


    Paton said he is very excited to be working with MediaNews Group and the Journal Register Co. to “continue the Digital First transformation.

    “This initiative creates a local news powerhouse with more than 880 multi-platform products in 18 states, serving more than 57 million people a month. It will be one of the largest and most compelling news platforms in the country for consumers and advertisers,” said Paton.

  • Lloyd Lofthouse

    This post form Westword.com goes into detail about the changes that are taking place under the new CEO, John Paton


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