What In The Hell Is Happening In Libya Right Now (Part II)

9/19/2012 Update From This Post

Well this has been a just awful week or so since the original attack on the consulate on the 11th. So much has happened that I’ll just bullet point everything for easy reference.

  • Romney went ahead before almost anything was known about the attacks in Cairo and Benghazi and decided to use the death of Chris Stevens to accuse the Obama administration of “apologizing” for America. Apparently the Cairo embassy sent out a tweet condemning the kind  bigotry associated with the film as a way of preventing a riot from breaking against the embassy (obviously it did not work). Romney was pretty throughly criticized (on a bi-partisan basis none the less) for his bullshit, both in terms of the tone and substance of his response.
  • I’ll add that it is particularly ironic that someone who dodged the draft to piss off people in the French countryside now feels comfortable enough to browbeat seasoned diplomats working in the most dangerous region in the world on how to best represent the interests of the United States. What an asshole.
  • The film itself turns out to have been the work of a soft-core porn director, some very confused actors, a right-wing paramilitary psychopath, and Nakoula Basseley Nakoula– a coptic christian activist/meth-producer/convicted fraudster. If you thought that this premise sounds even more absurd than a Christopher Guest movie you would be right.
  • The protests associated with the movie have spread to Yemen, Pakistan, Sudan, and Afganistan. The protests in Egypt became increasingly violent, to the point where the President had to call out that country’s leadership on television and deny that Egypt is an “ally”.
  • The murder of Stevens and the attack on the consulate in Benghazi now seem to be part of a well planned terrorist attack that either took advantage of the confusion present at the scene during the protests, or was completely unrelated to the movie causing the consternation in Egypt and everywhere else. . The people of Benghazi have taken to the streets to apologize for the deeds of what is increasingly seems to be the work of Al Qaeda who have targeted the city several times since a member of their leadgership was killed in a drone attack earlier this year.
  • While the exact cause of death for Stevens has not yet been released, it does appear that the “killed by a mob” theory behind his death was completely wrong. Bystanders present at the consulate at the night of Steven’s murder tried in vein to retrieve him and his Marine bodyguards from a “safe room” before they died of smoke inhalation.

Feel free to add anything that I might have missed.


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