Thursday Night Pet-O-Rama

Given that the contributers and I spend an inordinate amount of time poisoning the discourse of our otherwise perfect and civil political system with our sarcasm and dick jokes, it is probably about time that we start posting pictures of the furry friends that make our lives a tad less horrible. And before you say something, yes this is the Wretched of the Snark blatantly stealing from virtually every major political blog out there. I do not care.

Anyways, here is the first batch, I hope you enjoy.

Milly, sleeping in her box away from the other animals (whom she hates en masse)

Davie, who is our not-so-little shitstarter

Domino, the blog’s unofficial mascot and twitter photo. It’s always nice to see conservatives yelling at him in his tie.

Sammy: 1/2 Pug, 1/2 Lab, 100% Princess





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