Screw Politics, Let’s Talk About Running All Week

Yeah I know that the election is only fifty something days away or something, but to be honest I need a break from all of this bullshit for at least a week. Frankly there are only so many different ways that one could call Paul Ryan the anti-christ. Furthermore while Romney seems to deploy a new awful facet of his mindset in the hopes of alienating everyone outside of his own family, I feel that ignoring his stupidity for a brief time does not mean that I will miss witnessing his campaign slowly crash and burn.

Right now across the country the weather is becoming bearable enough for pretty much everyone to be able to go outside and run a few miles without either slipping on black ice or dying of heat exhaustion. This is the season for amateur road races, college and high school outdoor track, and the ritualistic hazing of idiots trying to get into a fraternity. This is the perfect time to talk about every bearded freak’s favorite sport: running.

I’ve spoken about my love of the sport a few times before, but I really want to devote some time now that the serious running season is beginning in areas that are not Southern California (here the season never ends, which is why I am never moving). With that in mind, I am going to publish articles all this week about running in the hopes of getting other people to join this cult sport that I have enjoyed so much over the past six years (and who knows, maybe I’ll fit in some deserved shit-talking about Paul Ryan).

So tune in all this week as I discuss training, motivation, diet, gear, dangers, strategy, or anything else that I think about throughout this week. If you are not a runner and would still like your angry politics fix, search through the archives or wait for the contributers to publish something that is not a polemic about the awesomeness of compression shorts. This should be fun.


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