This Is What Desperation Looks Like


Alright I’m gonna break for a second from Running Week because the down ballot races are starting to get really ridiculous. Scott Brown, instead of actually trying to run on the issues in a state where people on both sides of the aisle are actually intelligent enough to follow substantive political questions, has decided to just be a racist piece of shit. Apparently Mr. “I have a truck” is panicking because because he is down by five or so points, so thus it is time to release staffers with the cultural sensitivity of your average Waltham bar denizen out into the public (and in front of cameras).

Meanwhile the Democrats are finally starting to smell blood and are realizing the inherent weakness present in a political party run by out of touch plutocrats or outright nutcases. Standard bearers of the thorazine caucus: Allen West, Steve King, and Michelle Bachmann are all in trouble back at their home districts, as Nancy Pelosi is now confidently discussing the math behind a possible Democratic takeover of the House.

A confident Democratic party is a rare and dangerous thing for a national consensus that expects us to hate our own platform and constantly equivocate to the extremists on the other side. Frankly I’m loving every second of this new found swagger. On the other hand, expect more bullshit like the above picture to pop up as we get closer to the campaign. Luckily for us, this sort of shit is as disgusting as it is ineffective (Democrats, and Obama especially, did learn something after 2004 after all), and it all points to the beginning of a conservative death spiral.

Meanwhile the O-team and the Dem’s are putting out devastating ads like these:

I love the smell of desperation in the morning….. Smelled like victory.


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