The Biggest Mistake of Obama’s Presidency: Assuming That He Was Part Of The Club


Last week CashCable examined the anti-democratic demands of  America’s super rich and their entitlement complex regarding access to the President. This week, amid our flourishing media apparatus decided that one terrible debate defiantly means that Obama is going to lose next month, scum-sucking weasel man Bob Woodward released his most recent self-congratulatory piece of shit beltway tell-all. In this book Woodward (among other things) essentially blames the President’s uppity attitude towards House Republicans for last year’s debt celling debacle. According to Woodward, Obama’s insistence on breaching bipartisan ethics and Washington protocol has lead to the intractable situation of shit in which our democracy resides.

The entire book, much like the career of its author, is a paean to the church of Broderism, the organized (and idiotic) religion within the Washington Press Corps® that celebrates the mythical principled moderate Republican/Democrat that hates the deficit, solves the problems plaguing America over a game of golf with a member of the opposite party, and refuses to engage in divisive “social issues” for cynical political gain. This white man-hero of the pundit class is of course a completely imagined character borne out of the resonate daddy issues that are developed from years spent at elite prep schools, but nevertheless the press corps occasionally decides to anoint such a politician with these same characteristics when they see fit.

Barack Obama, having been lavished with praise from these same people early on in his national political career thought that he might be this type of person, but as we all know by now that desire of the President was a false hope. The aftermath of the President’s loss however, has real repercussions.

The Washington Press Corps is only capable of covering the news through two viewpoints: praising centrist Democrats who betray the essential principles (and basic political strategies) of their party, and sycophant coverage of psychotic Republicans. Once the President strayed from his role in personifying the first viewpoint, the press slipped back into bestowing “very serious people” consideration to the careers of Alan West and Michelle Bachmann.

What makes this hellish situation even more surprising/infuriating is that this was a self-inflicted mistake by Obama. The President’s ascent into power came as a direct result of his ability to formulate a view against the War in Iraq from outside of the bubble. While virtually every other prominent Democrat at the time was either fooled or scared into voting for this century’s greatest mistake, Obama alone was able to tell a starving (and well organized) progressive bloc of voters that he was smart enough to realize that the war was a nothing more than a cynical scam being popularized by the worthless denizens of the Bush White House and their enablers in the press. Given his team’s technological expertise and the new found respect for progressive thought after the financial crisis, Obama could have run a functioning and powerful administration by specifically excluding the individuals and institutions that had betrayed the American trust after the war and by instead sought the attentions of the American people directly.

Unfortunately for Obama and the rest of the country (who were beginning for a return to the FDR style “New Deal” style of government and for Wall Street to be set out on an ice floe when Obama took over), the President instead decided to appeal to the rational side of all the intransigent elements of Washington society. By the time that the President discovered that the press, Congressional Republicans, Blue Dog Democrats, and the Supreme Court are all functioning as nothing more than empty-headed tools for the monied elite of this country to use for their wonn amusement, “Hope” and “Change” were doomed.

Make no mistake about either Obama’s prospects for re-election or for the goals of his second term. The insistence on focusing on “teh deficit” as the highest priority for the Federal Government is the firm sign that the 1% have completely captured the direction of policy in this country and have no intent on changing it regardless of whomever is in charge next January. Unless the Democrats pull off the unlikely sweep of Congress and the Presidency, the outlook for real discernible change that would benefit the vast majority of Americans is piss poor. The main way to stop this from happening would involve holding the increasingly idiotic and frankly evil beliefs of the Republican Party accountable. However despite the fact that this act of public service should be a relatively easy and worthwhile job for the Washington Press, they will probably refuse to do so out of fear that they will lose the precious influence that keeps them writing shitty books for million dollar contracts.

It’s sad to say this, but Obama’s refusal to tell America’s sociopathic bourgeoisie and our worthless press corps to go to hell has virtually guaranteed that no matter who wins next November, we will all lose in the end.


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