No Snark Here: The Soup Kitchen Paul Ryan F’ed Over Needs Your Help Now

Over the weekend Randian Fan Boy/serial liar/fitness-fascist Paul Ryan decided to visit a soup kitchen in Youngstown Ohio. Despite both the expressed wishes of the staff to have no part in Ryan’s photo-op out of fear that his presence would politicize their precarious funding situation, and the fact that there was no work to be done at moment, Ryan proceeded to pretend to wash some already clean dishes in full view of an amazed press corps. By Monday every media organization from the New York Times to the Colbert Report Ryan’s had a story concerning this latest embarrassing act of horrendous dishonesty from the Congressman.

In response Brian J. Antal, president of the Mahoning County St. Vincent De Paul Society (the parent organization of the now infamous soup kitchen), publicly berated the Congressman for his lack of respect for the mission of the charity and it’s desire to stay the fuck out of the nasty world of modern electoral politics. Unfortunately Antal’s main concern about a possible backlash for this controversy affecting his funding soon manifested itself in the form of angry phone calls and pulled donations. He reported to the Huffington Post that the kitchen’s losses “appears to be a substantial amount“.

This is where we come in to help people. There are millions of hungry people in this country, and our current policy regarding the poor can easily be summed up here. This is the simple fact of life for way too many Americans in 2012, and hunger does not care about which party you are registered.

So today, regardless of who you are voting for, please send a few dollars to the Youngstown Ohio chapter for the Society of  St. Vincent de Paul. Do it if you hate Paul Ryan or if you love him, it doesn’t matter. Just give either here at this enclosed link online (make sure that you specifically state that the money is to go to the Youngstown kitchen), or send a check to:

Mahoning County District St. Vincent De Paul Society

 P.O. Box 224, Youngstown, Ohio 44501

also too, here is a link to donate to Ryan’s opponent for his seat in the House (while you are at it).


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