“Changed Conditions”

The right to vote

Today’s decision regarding the Voting Rights Act should make it clear to every single voter in this country that the Republican Party has completely transformed into the White Citizens Councils of the past. In those days the “Uptown Klan” that used to patronizingly deter racial progress in the 1950’s and 60’s through enabling every cynical legal option available in order to prevent demographics from diluting their established political power. Now that regional strategy of the past is the cohesive national tactic of the modern GOP. They know they can no longer legitimately win an election without resorting to such practices, so instead of changing their ideology regarding the rights and interests of n0n-white people, the Supreme Court has instead decided to allow state legislators across the country to return to the anti-democratic ideals of the 1920’s.

Looking back at the progress of this reactionary movement, you almost have to be impressed by its masterful shamelessness.

It was the Supreme Court that opened the first salvo against resurgent Progressivism by annihilating a century of common-sense regulations regarding corporate power within our supposedly sacrosanct election process, reinforcing their gilded-age view of the petty annoyance of democratic power compared to business interests. When even that awful decision could not swing elections towards the Galtian Masters of the Universe last year, they delivered this steaming turd of a decision designed entirely to prolong the expiration date of the Southern Strategy by removing the one effective federal restrictor plate on amazing persistent (and creative) forms of white supremacy in the state houses of the old confederacy.

And how did they justify this decision? By effectively using the idiotic “post-racialism” trope that we heard so much of after the election of Barack Obama. The absolute cynicism in using our nation’s arguably proudest triumph in casting off the original sin of slavery and de jure white supremacy to undercut the future progress of the movement is simply amazing- and it could not have been done if not for the transcendently stupid idealism of our media and “centrists” who still insist that the Republicans are worth negotiating with.

Maybe this will backfire and be the undoing of the post-Nixon/post-Reagan era of thinly-vieled yet incredibly destructive establishment racism, but I doubt it. In the meantime, I (and you as well) should be getting ready to make some pilgrimages to Texas, Arizona, and the old South for 2014 and 2016, because this shit is just getting started.


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