In Which Mark Zuckerburg Punks Steven Crowder


Looks like our friend, the Dejected Dauphin of Dennis Miller, Steven Crowder went and made himself a video voicing his predictably cogent and not-at-all idiotically racist views on the George Zimmerman trial and history’s greatest racist ever Rachel Jeantel (no link because fuck that guy).

This isn’t exactly surprising, as Crowder fancies himself as the right’s Jon Stewart, even if the reality of the situation is that he’s a sledgehammer and a receding hairline away from being Gallagher. However it looks like poor Steven’s latest attempt to go viral (i.e. be embedded in every liberal blog under the title of “what in fucks name is wrong with these people), backfired a bit:

After realizing on July 1 that the clip had disappeared from his Facebook page, Crowder contacted the company’s sales department, noting that he had paid to advertise the clip and that it subsequently disappeared without reason.

“The video is … centered around Rachel Jeantel repeatedly using the word ‘retarded’ as well as ‘creepy a** cracker’ in her testimony on national television,” Crowder said in an e-mail to a Facebook contact named Bryce Dahnert.

After sending numerous messages demanding to know why it was removed, the company responded and looked into the matter, determining that the video was “removed for violating [the] policy around hate speech.” Dahnert explained that, even if Crowder didn’t intend to discriminate, Facebook deemed the clip’s contents unpalatable.

“While your post may not have been intended as hateful, or discriminatory, the content itself contained speech that is hateful,” the response read, in part. “The guidance I have been given by the policy team states that you could re-post this content as long as you also post a message condemning or clarifying the actual hate speech


To begin, [Crowder] explained that he had paid to advertise the clip and that Facebook took the money and then later removed the video. This causes one to question why it wasn’t rejected from the beginning, as the company seemingly made a profit from what it later deemed “hate speech.”

“They advertised it Thursday through Friday and then removed it Sunday … or Monday,” Crowder said. “They took the money, advertised it and then took it off.”

Welcome to the world of dealing with giant corporate powers in an era of unrestrained anarco-capitalism there Steven. Hope you kept the receipt.

PRO-TIP, if you plan on suing them perhaps don’t go Pro-Se.


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