ATTENTION LIBERTARIANS: Solitary Confinement Is A Much More Worthwhile Issue Than Snowden

Just as a reminder, solitary confinement is abhorrent, disgusting, and a massive overreach of state power. It just happens to affect the sort of people that folks at the CATO Christmas party consider to be sub-human.

Which is why this story will be buried in the style section of your local newspaper.


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2 responses to “ATTENTION LIBERTARIANS: Solitary Confinement Is A Much More Worthwhile Issue Than Snowden

  • Kenny Steven Fuentes

    I’m certainly not the kind of libertarian you’re referring to, which is probably why I’m inclined to agree that Solitary Confinement is a serious human rights abuse issue. But I don’t buy the argument that there is a hierarchy of issues that renders some worth discussing and some worth passing over. I completely agree with the premise that right-wing libertarians have off-balanced priorities and often take advantage of single-issues that conveniently fit into their narrative (Rand Paul). But I don’t buy the implication that a libertarian, or anyone else for that matter, couldn’t care about both issues. I do buy, however, the implication that Libertarian think-tanks don’t give two-shits about poor people of color.

    On the other hand, I would also point out that Mass Incarceration and Solitary Confinement are problems largely ignored and tolerated by major liberal establishments as well. The fact is, most institutions of power don’t care about 1) poor 2) dark and/or 3) “criminal”.

  • chris (@thefiend05)

    Attention Democrats: your flailing attempts to distract people away from this NSA scandal are beginning to look way too transparent. I’m sorry your Dear Leader has broken so many promises, but you need to face facts head on, instead of trying to attack the messenger.

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