Fuck You A-Rod For Making Me Defend A Yankee

Varitek Is GOD

This is painful to say as a life-long Red Sox fan, but the A-Rod hysteria is beyond putrid at this point. Seriously if I have to read one more piece of pontificating crap about the honor that the way-past his prime slugger supposedly betrayed by taking PED’s I’m going to lose my shit.

This is the same country that provides passes to bankers who almost single handedly destroyed the world’s economy through unregulated speculative trading and outright fraud. This is the same country where our Supreme Court has unilaterally and intentionally strengthened electoral white supremacy without even a hint of shame. This is the same country where virtually every single professional (COUGH COUGH LAWYERS) goes through their formative educational years taking huge dosages of PED’s known as Adderal, Ritalin, or Dextroamphetamine.

So if some kid in the Dominican Republic sees that the difference between him making a few million dollars from a baseball organization (that is itself stealing money from the public to finance it’s new “necessary” stadium) and dying on a sugar plantation is injecting himself with steroids I could care less. The real cheating is going on in the skyboxes at these games. Any suspension that A-Rod serves is only designed to alleviate the mistakes of Brian Cashman and allow the Yankees to return to prominence- and that is what is fucking gross about this whole deal.

So until the day when sports journalists realize this and stop equating PED usage with murder , we can all cherish this.


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One response to “Fuck You A-Rod For Making Me Defend A Yankee

  • Vic

    Right on, man, but the bigger issue is A-Rod lying about it. That’s the childish side that he just can’t shake. But other than that, you’re right. They should string up a banker by his balls at halftime of every MNF game, then we’d see some real justice. And put that asshole Clarence Thomas up there too.

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