Newtown Becomes An Anniversary Of An Uninteresting Event


We are now a year removed from Newtown, an act of mass murder that should have provoked enough disgust and terror to change this country for the better. However today it is obvious that brutal deaths of those children and teachers  will instead be just another chapter  into the expanding wikipedia page on gun violence in America. We should be ashamed.

I am an agnostic but someone who desperately wants to believe in an afterlife. Why? Well one reason is that I want some justice to be visited upon the purely evil sons-of-bitches in the NRA leadership. These folks disguise their role in designing a public policy platform to subsidize the weapons industry under the kevlar reinforced flag of white resentment and fear (then have the gall to call their celebration of wrath “patriotism”).

If we accept “the way things are” and are not revolted that a business group can profit off the deaths of first graders by defaming legitimate attempts to maintain a peaceful society, there is simply no hope for us. If we accept this batshit insane interpretation of the 2nd Amendment where the right to life is secondary to the right for insecure white men to carry larger and more powerful steel penis extenders, we are on a clear path towards societal disintegration. If we accept the idea that the only solution to complex problems of policy is  individual deterrence through universal possession of these sadistic instruments of death, we have learned nothing from the last century of war.

God help us, and fuck the NRA in perpetuity.



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I am an attorney who works mainly in criminal defense, child welfare, and medical marijuana advocacy. I live in Long Beach with my wife and four pets. View all posts by stefanbc

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