LOWENTHALS IN DISARAY (according to morons)

Hyperbole much Press Telegram?



This is a furiously dumb take on the state of Long Beach politics, even with the much more muted online headline for this story. Bonnie Lowethal lost a crowded Democratic Primary in an off year election when less than 12% of eligible voters cast a vote. She attempted to capture the mayoral election while running against the incumbent’s choice, started later than all the other candidates, and was screwed over by the timing of entirely unrelated scandals that made voters wary of politicians from Sacramento. Or to put it another way HER LAST NAME HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH HER LOSS.

Suja Lowenthal meanwhile did almost everything (short of changing her name) in an effort to run away from the Lowenthal brand…AND LOST BADLY. Why did this happen? Well she was running against a much more effective GOTV machine (one that was aligned with Bonnie by the way), spent untold amounts of money on a +60 page book that she sent to voters, and accepted money from the likes of Michelle Rhee. In other words, HER LAST NAME HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH HER LOSS.

Meanwhile Danny Lowenthal is still a judge in high regard. Alan Lowenthal is not only cruising to a re-election but he’s doing so while remaining one of the most steadfastly progressive members of congress. But by all means let’s go with the “thrill is gone” idiom after one election Press Telegram.


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