The Soft Bigotry Of (And Low Expectations For) Dinesh D’Souza

Since when is going to Federal Prison and facing an unending stream of universal disdain for being a racist prick “winning?

D’Souza, perhaps remembering that two years ago he lost his job as president of a Christian college in New York City for carrying on an extramarital romance, feels the need to explain his new hobby in political terms. “My main goal through this is to annoy the Left, because you have all these guys railing on my Twitter,” he says, grinning impishly. “They’re just seething with envy. They’re like, ‘Shit!’ “

“We thought we’d buried him!” Schooley says, mimicking a seething liberal.

“Yeah, exactly,” D’Souza says. “You should just see the number of times there are articles on ‘Dinesh’s career is over.’ My career is apparently over every two years.”

Oh so you’re not even denying the fact that you’re in this business for the wingnut welfare, and that actual policy influence is way down on the list for you.

Mmy latest thing is tweeting out pictures of me with really attractive actresses,” he says, giggling. There he is, standing next to a blond woman. “This is the actress Kelly Carlson. She came to one of our screenings. She’s in, you know, Made of Honor.” (“Christie/Wife #6.”) He scrolls some more. “This is Stacey Dash, who’s in Clueless.” (“Dionne.”). “She’s a huge fan so she tweets out all my stuff.”

Also for all you out of work left wing raconteurs (HI THERE AND WELCOME TO THE CLUB GUYS), don’t let this adorable double standard of what can should be considered “mischievous political incorrectness” instead of “career ending hate-speech.”

It was also on campus that D’Souza began to hone his provocation skills. He rose to editor of the upstart Dartmouth Review, a mischievous conservative organ that seemed to strive chiefly for political incorrectness. Among the more reviled stunts it undertook with D’Souza as editor was its publication of a list of members of the campus Gay Student Association, which effectively outed a bunch of students. Then there was the anti-affirmative-action screed written in mock Ebonics (“Dis Sho Ain’t No Jive, Bro”) and the interview with a KKK member, accompanied by a photo of a man hanging from a tree

Yes D’Souza is “winning” indeed. Just how does that keep happening?


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