Today In Post-Racial America

Love how people are still surprised that dumbass cartoons like this can be published in widely circulated newspapers.By3OhtLIMAAD_76


This sense of surprise is especially hilarious when one considers that awful racist opinions like the ones expressed in this latest edition of TakiMag (aka “Wonkette for upperclass Neo-Nazi’s”) are allowed to be considered a legitimate form of sociological analysis instead of being rightfully dismissed as the insane ramblings of people who should be on Haldol:

Once at Harvard, Obama was instantly recognized as one of the few black students who were on the same cognitive level as the students who got in without affirmative action. (Nationally, the average black who takes the LSAT scores at only the 12th percentile compared to whites.) Obama’s ego blossomed as he became talked about as the First Black President. A classmate who had been in the 1970s rock band the Runaways compared Obama’s new self-image to Joan Jett’s.

“Paleoconservative” is just two dollar term for “white asshole with an entitlement complex”.


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