Justice for Hedgehogs and Human Rights for Chelsea Manning

One of the reasons I left the Democratic Party and stopped writing embarrassing defenses of the Obama administration was because of the insanely immoral handling of Chelsea Manning in prison.

Manning’s detention itself was ludicrous to begin with, as the information that she leaked (especially in retrospect) undeniably represented a clear public interest. This is something that I didn’t acknowledge at the time because, I like many naiive idiots on the left I had entirely conflated support for progressive values with supporting the President. I’m sad to say that it took hearing the details of Manning’s treatment in Supermax (which I believe were designed specifically to drive her to suicide) to cut through the noise of liberal hawkishness.

With that in mind, read this list of banned items11885403_10152946866286813_2907480839564912873_n

Try your best to come up with a legitimate reason why someone stuck in a closet sized room for 23 hours a day shouldn’t have access to them. If you can’t, CONGRATS you have a soul. The bitter irony of denying someone a book that discusses the universality of dignity for living things is a perfect symbol for the insanity of post-9/11 jurisprudence.

Hawt Takes On The Ashley Madison Leak

Despite the salaciousness inherent in this sort of story, it’s been interesting watching journalists try and inevitably fail to find some meaning or reason behind the hacking attacking of the internet’s “leading infidelity service”. On one hand there’s the hilarious reckoning of yet another idiotic tech company, with extra schadenfreude given Ashley Madison’s rise to prominence via a sexist Super Bowl ad. On the other hand the purpose and intent of the hackers in this case makes one almost feel sorry for the poor horny idiots whose personal info is exposed to the web.

Take this “calling card” [via Gawker];



To begin off, the second to last paragraph is entirely bullshit. ALM almost certainly will escape liability here, either because the hackers represent outside tortfeasors, or because the end users signed the now almost universal arbitration agreements that would release ALM from damages related to the hack. Additionally as an attorney who practices family law I’m legit aghast that any grown up would be so callous as to suggest that an infidelity (especially one that is exposed via a national news story) can simply be “gotten over”.

The preceding paragraph is somewhat more insightful however. Most of the hacker’s complaint with ALM seems to be grounded in Ashley Madison’s proliferation with fake profiles rather than their more moralistic crusade against infidelity. In fact this screed reads like the complaints of an unsatisfied customer (or a generic gamer gate asshole) than a consumer advocate or marriage vigilante.

Again I have no love for the techbro “disrupters” like Ashley Madison. However ALM’s business model is terrible mostly because it works against the creation of a functioning and fair economy- which is a sin far worse than facilitating a sad cheating husband getting some strange. That said it just seems pretty obvious that the other side in this controversy is somehow even MORE digesting and sexist.

Even in Liberal Seattle


Access to affordable and safe housing is arguably the most important factor in determining the levels of justice, fairness, and integration within a city. Therefore it should be of no great surprise that large swaths of ostensibly progressive residents are incredibly uncomfortable when their “right” to gentrified urban spaces is threatened by the victims of neoliberalism:

No one, including the few (mostly homeless, formerly homeless, or homeless advocates) who spoke in favor of the encampment, called the opposition “classist”–that, along with “racist,” is the third rail of Seattle’s white progressive politics–but whatever possible conclusion is there when a group of mostly upper-middle-class, mostly white, mostly homeowning residents gang up on a group of disenfranchised people sleeping on park benches or in their cars and say that they, as a class, are shiftless alcoholics and drug addicts (as if addiction was a choice) who contribute nothing to society and instigate crime and the loss of property values?

How else can we describe parents who say they don’t want their children exposed to a less-fortunate class of people, whose basic humanity is suspect because they haven’t pulled themselves up by their bootstraps into the middle-class existence so many of those wealthy homeowners received as their birthright? And what are we supposed to make of people who literally say they can’t be anti-homeless because they once took an individual homeless person into their home, just like your racist friend who says he can’t be racist because he gets along just great with the black people who serve him?

I’ve noticed many of the same themes here in Long Beach from residents and their pusillanimous representatives in city government. Something about residents associations seems to attract white liberals that are fine advocating for policies that are analogous to ethnic cleansing, all while wearing Obama t-shirts.

“Like with a cloth or something?”


I can’t tell if Hillary is being semantically cute like a’la her husband, or if she’s going for the elderly mob boss defense by pretending that she doesn’t understand basic tech terminology from 1992.

This is one of the dumber scandals to hit the Clintons, especially since the people pushing it are the last motherfuckers to lecture someone about the danger to democracy posed by lost emails. Nevertheless this should serve as your daily reminder that Hillary is (once again) a doomed candidate.

Great News About The Clap

Publicly subsidized STI testing will soon be available to Long Beach residents (thanks in part to a Catholic Hospital of all things).

Maybe we should give some money to the Health Department so we can address treatment as well…..


Super Blows

We already knew that the ownership society in Los Angeles county is totally on board blowing an unfathomable amount of public money and spending an indeterminate number of years getting played by the NFL just to keep the possibility of a new local football stadium alive. However it seems that the NFL itself is also keen on making Los Angeles football happen regardless of the clusterfuck that it causes its own organization in the process:

If the Chargers and Raiders move to a shared stadium in Los Angeles—as currently appears to be the most likely outcome—the NFL will probably not want them continuing to share a division. That’s absolutely no problem, with both teams telling the league they’re willing to be moved if necessary.

“The teams have made clear to the league and NFL owners that “you send us to LA and you’ll make the decision as to who plays in what conference or division,” Policy told reporters after detailing stadium plans for business leaders and a sports group at an event in downtown Los Angeles.”

All this in order to expand into a market where NFL allegiances are already more or less set, and where a thriving soccer team is steadily becoming a true local favorite. Never mind the the huge swaths of Angelenos who will never be able to afford football tickets or those who grew up watching other sports (again mainly soccer) in their native countries. But despite the insanity of engaging the NFL in this deal, civil leaders seem intent on making this travesty a reality.

In Which I Tell My Old Boss (The Mayor) That I Smoked Pot While Working For Him

Well ye old county weed lawyer decided to open his big mouth at his former workplace about the dumb dispensary ban here in Long Beach (which by the way is very dumb).