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Why Publicly Funded Athletics Matters


This is your daily reminder that the two best tennis players in the world came from publicly funded and maintained courts in one of the most economically depressed cities in Southern California. Access to fitness equipment and the tools that someone needs to maintain their health is a basic human right, and one that is in danger in our “new normal” of nonexistent funding for infrastructure and maintenance for public property.

Along that line of thinking it’s worth noting that Suja Lowenthal, whom I’ve been extremely critical of during her time as my city counselor here in Long Beach, single handedly made sure that the new “Camp Bixby” improvements to our park became a reality. This is a huge asset to the city/residents and she deserves credit.

One District 2 Perspective On the Long Beach Mayoral Race

You know after spending two hours trying to find parking in my neighborhood on a weekday night, then walking in the pitch black darkness below broken street lights, only to find the Long Beach Police illegally evicting homeless people from the park to make way for a movie shoot, I started to doubt that my city council member Suja Lowenthal might make for a good mayor.

But by all means the bike lanes that she  installed certainly make for an impressive legislative record on their own (at least she better hope that this is the case as it is literally the only thing she has done in office). Personally I try to vote for candidates with an “issues” section that is more concrete than a pamphlet for an anti-depressant.

EDIT 10/18/13